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Thanks for the information guys. We are going out with another couple for around 10 days about this time next year. No one else in the group has been to that part of the country and I have never been to Glacier. I've only fished the Gallatin and floated the Madison for a couple days.

Our tentative plan is to split time in Glacier & Yellowstone with a quick trip the Tetons. Fishing will not be the top priority for the trip but there will be a couple days centered around out.

Originally Posted by flyman View Post
As beautiful as the park is I'm afraid the fishing is so so at best.
I kinda figured that this might be the case. I was a little interested in giving the lakes a try.

I found the article from Flyfisherman mag and will be sure to check out the book Mr.Mike mentioned.

Another question - If you could do a one day float trip in the Western MT area which river would it be?

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