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Default a bunch of Orvis sponsored guys getting togather for a

This is not meant to be a pass at the poster or anyone in particular but I am curious why it's always appropriate to bash Orvis. I for one like Orvis and their products are very good in my opinion. They are not overpriced either. Sure they have rods and reels for the high end market, but which brand doesn't. They also have many items for the budget conscious angler. Their tippet and leaders are a great buy and the coupons they send out are magnificent. I guess it's just one of those catchphrases that stuck. Bash Orvis just because. Orvis actually do lot of good things with fund raising for different projects nationwide. I am not paid or encouraged by Orvis by any means but I get a little tired of the notion that if you fish with Orvis stuff it's somehow dirty.

For the record I don't own a single Orvis rod but I do buy other stuff from them and I have nothing but good to say about their operation.
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