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It's not the people doing 45 that are the problem. It's the jerks going 65 through town. In April Daniel and I were in town for a few days. We were pulling out of the parking lot at Doc's Mote. Some jerk going at least 60 came flying up behind me, locked up his brakes and swerved, gave ME a dirty look and resumed his speed on toward the park. Don't know if it was a local or not, it was a white Ford pickup with Tennessee plates and the guy driving looked to be in his late 20's or early 30's. Daniel and I just looked at each other and went on up to the park to go fishing.

In that same trip, we also saw 2 motorcycle accidents in the park. Both were on rain slick roads and both were in curves. I didn't see either accident happen and neither case did it appear anyone was seriously injured, but given the rain and location of the accidents, I would seriously guess excess speed for conditions contributed to the wrecks. One of the wrecks had a ranger already on the scene and the other had 3 or 4 cars stopped with folks helping so there was no need for us to stop but both riders were standing next to the downed bike so I don't think there were serious injuries involved.

I know there are a lot of bikers out there and I believe some of the guys here are riders. Be careful out there. For me, I want some steel between my face and whatever I'm about to hit.

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