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Originally Posted by Plunker View Post
I am ABSOLUTELY fine with the LADY/FEMALE/XX'rs Park Persons, LEO's, Service Women, etc... and am grateful for their Service and Protection of this Great Country...Furthermore, I am Nothing if not respectful, and deferential to their authority...often going out of my way to be completely transparent in my encounters with any LEO.
THAT being said; I rarely have kind things to say about ANYONE who takes that "You WILL Respect My AUTHORITI" attitude (In Business or Law Enforcement), when I have dislayed NOTHING but respect.

This is the 21st Century....early in the last century She wouldn't have had that job... and I would not begin to question her right or ability to do that job well today.
I didn't mean to discount your experience, which I believe wholeheartly, just wanted to point out where my experience was 180 of that. Just not wanting to give the "Good" ladies a bad name.

It makes me think of this new bodybuilder type ranger (I forget his name sorry) that started about 2 years ago. It was pretty funny on how he was trying to convince some of my more experienced kayakers that they were going to die if they ran the Sinks waterfall. While this drop does occasionally grab a touron or 2 and would be very dangerous for someone who was not experienced with whitewater, it's just a Class 4 that gets run thousands of time per year without incident (well the pile of rocks at bottom is a paddle breaker though).

3 weeks later, when he saw us there, he was smiling as we ran the drop and wasn't the least bit concerned. Well that is except for one of the long haired kayakers in the parking lot was getting the evil eye, and he walking over to his car making sure there wasn't anything suspicious going on
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