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Thanks to everyone who have offered congratulations and camera recommendations. I think I am going to take a chance on the pentax you guys have suggested.

Scott: We caught all the fish on green weenies. My friend started with a BHPT/yellow stonefly imitation tandem, but once I had brought 4 fish to hand before he had his first strike, he humbly asked for one of my green weenies.

Mr. Casada: You summed it up perfectly. As a 26 year old, I felt like a 10 year old boy filled with the excitement a fishing trip always provides a young boy. Holding that little "mountain trout" in my hand is undoubtedly a moment I will never forget. My friend and I fished this stream extremely slow because we regularly took time-outs to just sit on a rock, talk and take in the beauty this little stream offers.

A cool little story I forgot to include in my original post: I hooked a small speck in a large plunge pool, and as I was bringing him in, a large rainbow trout chased his every move. My friend, thinking the large rainbow was the fish I had hooked, says, "Whoa! Good fish!" He certainly looked very puzzled when I brought that 5 inch brookie out of the water. I wonder had the large rainbow taken that little speck and became hooked, if it would have been considered fishing with live bait? Haha.
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