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Default You will most likely have problems

Originally Posted by MBB View Post
Does anyone know if there is a problem accessing streams in the Smokies through the Cherokee Indian reservation? There are several streams that I would like to try, but the best access is through the reservation. To compound the problem, fishing in all of these streams seem to be restricted to Members of the Cherokee tribe on the reservation.

Would there be a problem hiking upstream even if I wasn't fishing? I thought about buying a permit just to act in good faith even though I was not going to fish Enterprise Waters.
Like you said you will be on waters restricted to Cherokee Indians (not public. Local who married an Indian even can't fish there himself, and his kids can't either unless she is present - they are pretty strict about this) until you get unto the park so even with a permit you would be in the wrong. Maybe if you weren't rigged up & ran into the right person, you might be Ok, but I wouldn't chance it. Unless you have landowner permission to access, or want to risk being in streambed and getting all your gear confiscated, and a hefty ticket I wouldn't do it. Plus this is all small potatoes compared to the locals at the trailer park at the mouth of one of these fine streams. Step out of the streambed there and you "really" might get shot. And I promise I'm not blowing smoke up your #$@, really be careful
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