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Don't worry about setting the hook! Keep the slack in your 'out' line to a minimum so that you can keep a consistent tension on the fish once it takes the fly. Let the fish take the fly and react by setting the tension taunt with your left hand (the slack should be tight enough to do this) and lifting the rod to whatever feels comfortable at a steady pace.

Once hooked; focus on keeping tension with the line on your left (line) hand and use your right hand to assist when the fish comes in or takes out. Do not lift the fish with the rod. Let it work the line like a fine balance of tension and control. Once you get him hooked; slowly bring him close and point your rod tip towards your back at about a 45 Degree angle over your rod shoulder to land the fish with ample line length.

My main focus on setting the hook is with my left hand (line control); I usually give it one slight pull before I do anything with the rod hand.
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