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Cosby is basically my "home" stream, if having to drive 600 miles to fish the mountains can be considered a "home" trip. I've fished just about the entire fishable length of it, and I think so much of it, I bought property just outside the park, not more than a mile from the Cosby entrance. It has to be the easiest spec stream to access - you can park at the start of the nature trail and start catching specs in literally minutes. Like most streams, if you invest in a little hiking upstream, you'll tend to find better fishing. There are some nice brookies, mixed in with a few rainbows; I will say, though, that the average size is fairly small - you'll get your share of dinks there too. There are other streams in the park where the average size is a little better, but they all require a drive and/or a hike to get to. Nevertheless, it's a fine stream, and very pretty too. I have seldom encountered another fisherman while there - the only reason for that, in my mind, is the fact that Cosby is a bit isolated from the rest of the park. But, given the fact that I don't mind driving for 10 hours to get up to the mountains, a little extra mileage doesn't faze me.
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