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Pretty cool story! My first one I was that close to was when I was riding my bike through cades cove and pulled up next to a tree where one was at about the same distance away. It was small and didn't pay attention to me. Later I came up to a ranger who had stopped about 40 people on bikes for a bear. I walked up to the front of the group laughing that I had just encountered a bear and they were no problem at all. When I got to the front there was the biggest meanest looking bear I have ever seen could have easily 450+ lbs and it was walking toward us. I nearly wet my pants I think and the hair stood up on the back of my head. Sometimes when I am out in the woods I still think and can see that bear in my head and I sure don't want to run into one like that anywhere by myself. I have seen about 50 since that one and none were even half as big with most being about 200lb range. But just knowing guys like that one are out there gives me great pause as they say.

How was the fishing at that time of day by the way?
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