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Originally Posted by pineman19 View Post
Interesting on the smell of a bear. I have been within 30' of a bear twice in the Park, once on the WPLP, the other on the Greenbrier with Hans. I never smelled anything, but the wind was in the opposite direction both times. As the old saying goes, "you smell like what you eat"
Neal...if that is the case I don't want anything to do with what most of those bears are eating...think most of the smell is generated when the weather warms up and they like all of us start sweating...I remember one morning my brother and I got up to the old turn around above Elkmont when you could drive up to Fish Camp Prong...thought we would grab a couple of flashlights and get an early start up the trail to Goshen Prong...forded the LR and got back up on the trail and the smell hit us both....couldn't tell where it was coming from so we decided to get off the trail and sit with our backs to a tree until it was light enough to see...only did that once.
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