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Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
I've been painting popper bodies lately for my trip to Canada. I currently have a small army of frog poppers ready to get demolished between the jaws of big northern pike.

I don't have the steady hand that some of you artists do, but I'd like to do some underbody colors, spots, & eyes (the sticker eyes come off too easily).
Any tips on painting poppers so they don't look like a 1st grader did it?
My painting skills are similar to what you describe. What I do is;

  • Get some mailing labels or some other kind of labels on clearance at officemax and use the template in MS Word.
  • I find a nice pattern/picture on the internet of something I want to copy and I import it in to MS Word. (resize it how you want and fill up your sheet with the same or different patterns)
  • I usually print it in grayscale to save my ink.
  • Then, I use an exacto knife and cut out the template of the pattern. After that, just unpeal the pattern and apply it to your object. Sometimes you to add a connect piece of tape to your labels to keep the pattern together. You can do each color of your pattern to make it look like the picture you want to paint.
See attached picture to add some explanation!
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