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Default Native Trout Road Trip - Part I

7,500 miles driven, over 60 miles hiked, 15 species/sub-species (12 in their native watershed and 10 new ones for my bucket list), and we completed the California Heritage Trout Challenge. The CHTC is like the Wyoming Cuttslam but of the 12 native sub-species you need to catch 6.

The full reports are on my blog but here are the species/sub-species we caught:

New Mexico

Gila Trout


Apache Trout


Kern River Rainbow

Little Kern Golden

California Golden Trout

Lahontan Cutthroat

McCloud River redband

Goose Lake redband

Warner Lakes redband


Catlow Valley redband

Lahontan cutthroat (non-native)

Harney-Mahleur Basin redband

The Search for Native Salmonids
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