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Adam--Congratulations, and let me quote something from one of my favorite writers, Archibald Rutledge, for you to tuck away in the storehouse of your mind. I have changed his words, but only slightly, to fit the situation.

"I have a conviction that to make a boy a sportsman is a mighty long step in the direction of shaping a man. I feel if a man brings up his sons to be sportsmen, they will never grow away from him. It is my fixed conviction that if a parent can give his children a passionate and wholesome devotion to the outdoors, the fact that he cannot leave each of them a fortune does not really matter so much. They will always enjoy life in its nobler aspects without money and without price. The will worship the Creator in his mighty works. And because they know and love the natural world, they will always feel at home in the wide, sweet habitations of the Ancient Mother."

Jim Casada
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