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Default A horse of a different odor... or something like that.

Originally Posted by Rog 1 View Post
Hans...I have smelled more bears while fishing than I have is a smell that you won't forget...first time I smelled a bear was up above buddy and I were fishing upstream and there was a dry wash off to our left...the bear was parallel to us and we met at the top...don't know who was scared the most...we took off upstream the luckily the bear backtracked down the wash...
On more than one occasion, most recently on Kephart Prong Trail, I have smelled what seem to be horse.... not manure, the actual horse, but I have yet to see signs of horse traffic at the time. In the beginning (on the Little River Trail) I started scanning the brush for bear, but from what I'm reading on this thread, not likely the culprit. Anyone know if there is some plant life that might give off an equine-like redulance?

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