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Adam, thanks. I'm glad you like the map. My greatest regret with the Little River map was not going ahead and showing Sams Creek as it is now and not as shown on the map given to me earlier on by the Fisheries Management people. At the time I thought I was doing the right thing being 100 per cent consistent wth their map anticipating it would be updated soon. I knew about the success of the restoration and that you, for one, had caught brooks all the way done to the barrier.

Later when I showed the finished map to Matt Kulp (a super nice gentleman) at HQs, he and others were complimentary of my efforts but disappointed I had not shown Sams as strictly brook water. It was only then that I learned that they had had to end the data-yielding sampling recently due to funds being cut. Apparently they weren't even able to do a final map update before sunsetting the initiative. You could tell they were all disappointed that this particular research had to end.. including the younger biologists who have the desire and... stamina to rock hop "back of beyond."

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