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Adam (and Fred)--The maps are a great resource and one every truly serious fisherman owes it to himself to acquire. That being said, inevitably there will be questioanble areas.
Your coverage of the Deep Creek drainage shows a good bit of upper Indian Creek in blue (don't know what that means since it isn't in the fish legend) and then two sections of specks and bows along with a couple of feeders with only specks. I realize that the distribution is based on Park surveys, but I'd love to know both the methodology and the time frame for those surveys. I've never seen a speck in Indian Creek or any of its feeders, but of course that doesn't mean they aren't there.

Did Matt Kulp tell you, or do you know how the Park came up with its distribution map? I've talked to him but just accepted in as gospel without asking. As I begin to look though, mostly at areas with which I have a great deal of familiarity, questions come to mind. Are these the result of actual stream shocking? If so, do they have data on when each stream was shocked? How did they determine exactly where a species began?
I don't think you'll find all three species of trout in the two little creeks coming in from the west just below McCracken Branch and Nicks Nest campsites, respectively. I assume these are Hammer branch and Bridge Creek, respectively, although they aren't marked by name on the map. I've fished both and don't think there are specks in either. Mighty low elevation, among other things.
ONe thing for sure, just checking all of this fascinates me, and there is one source who quite possibly has for actual, hands-on, dead-certain information than the Park (especially since this project has ceased). That's Bobby Kilby. He's fished hundreds of Park streams and carefully documented the species he caught. I don't know whether he'd be willing to share, since he's understandably protective of hard-won data, but I can put you in touch if you'd like.
Meanwhile, see if you can get some hard answers on precisely how the Park arrived at their distribution map, and I very much hope others will chip in on this. collectively there's got to be a world of first-hand knowledge among forum members. One other thought--give some consideration to altering your color scheme a bit. I know nothing about the printing aspect of this, but to me the all trout, brook trout, and no trout colors are a bit too close to the same. How about some harsher but clear colors--dark purple, bright orange, and dark blue (although again you've got a lot of Indian Creek in blue)?
Whatever else, don't take this in a discouraging way. Quite the opposite--give us more as time and budget allow. In the latter context, the more of you who purchase the maps (LRO has them), I suspect the more Fred will produce.
Jim Casada
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