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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
...Fred...Your coverage of the Deep Creek drainage shows a good bit of upper Indian Creek in blue (don't know what that means since it isn't in the fish legend) ...Jim Casada
Jim, it is especially unclear on the Little River map, but somewhat less so on the Deep (see snip it), Forney and three others just out in Little Pigeon drainage, as to what streams in blue mean, but the notes next to the fish images speak to this.

The streams that I did not highlight, meaning left blue, are those that had not been researched by the Fisheries at the time I was given their data. I took the cue from their map to use blue. I'll be certain to make the meaning more obvious in future updates. I will also try some other colors as you suggest. Presently I am forced to use brighter hues to stand out against the base topo maps, the color saturation of which I have little over control, in order for the original contours and labeling (streams, cemetaries and the like) to remain dark enough.

Re. your never seeing a speck in Indian Creek or any of its feeders, I intended to show rainbows (pink) only and did so based on my reading in light of so little of it being researched by NPS. I now see I showed, by mistake, an IC feeder (Georges Branch) with both rainbows and specks (red). Soon I may do a map just for Indian Creek, but would need yours and others' input on species.

Unfortunately time has not permitted me to get to speak with Matt about the important questions you raise.

2/15 Update: Deleted map image previously posted.

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