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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
Fred....Did Matt Kulp tell you, or do you know how the Park came up with its distribution map? ...
Jim, I have been in contact with Matt this morning. I am paraphrasing what I learned.

All of the sampling was done with electrofishing. Their folks worked in crews of two and literally shocked until they ran out of fish, and then went another 300-400m to verify. When they found possible barriers along the way, or found where a species ended, they noted the point using an altimeter or GPS. Matt concurred with me that the crews have indeed been "back of beyond." He said that when sampling a mixed population, a species range was considered to end when it became less than 5% of the population. He pointed out that this is a floating boundary as it is ever changing up and down with drought, etc.

Matt confirmed that the upper Indian Creek area was not completed due to lack of funding and that some of the areas where I have blue lines were simply not sampled.

Matt if you are reading this, thanks again!

“Joe” Fred Turner
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