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Thanks Kim. A key motivator for developing the maps is how precious all of our tiime (and money) is. Before I did the Greenbrier maps, I took my son, grandson and son-in-law up Porters Creek Trail since it appeared at first glance to provide lots of access. Well, they did get about 1/2 hour of fishing in, but we hiked what seemed like another 2 1/2 well above the stream. Knowing what I do now, we would have fished lower PC and lower Middle Prong instead.

I was at LRO yesterday. Daniel has the maps in an almost direct line of sight as you enter their fine building. They now have maps of the Little River, Upper Deep Creek, Forney Creek and three streams in Greenbrier. Since they know each other and work together for the good of the flyfishing sport, I'm pretty certain Byron would not mind my sharing the names of the other area retailers who carrry certain of the maps:

The Smoky Mountain Angler and NOC Great Outpost in Gatlinburg, Orvis in Sevierville and Rivers Edge Outfitters in Cherokee. Harold, Nancy, Doug, Bill, Kris, Brad, Steve and Joe... Just really great people.

“Joe” Fred Turner
Southern Appalachian Stream Maps

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