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Welcome to the board tigerts9! I have been by it a few times but never stayed at camp rock 23 although I really want to. I am very interested in your question 1 and 2 as well so will be watching for answers. I will tell you that the wet wading is a matter of personal preference but I don't think it will be so bad 3 weeks from now even with the cooler temps personally. I usually always wet wade on backpacking trips even up into November just because my waders are very heavy to take in that far. As far as flies I can just tell you what I would take and for dries that would be some yellow stimulators size 14 - 16 and yellow neversink caddis 14-16. I would add a dropper off of them of a BHPT 16 - 18 or a rainbow/psycho prince nymph 16 - 18. Those combos seem to work good for me in most smokies streams. Of course I would have some terrestrials like greenie weenie in my box in case I want to give those a try but the 4 I listed are my go to selection. If the dry fly action is reasonably good then I will clip off the dropper and just go with that. In lower water I will use 6x tippet and the rest of the time 5x but your mileage may vary.

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