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Tigerts9....What a lucky man you are...if I could only fish one place in the park that would be the area....the old site of CS23 used to be right below what was referred to as Camp Rock...way back when the locals would set up camp under the overhang there...soft river sand for a bed and safe from any rain that would come up....the campsite now is above the "island" at the forks of the river....the Goshen Prong trail leaves the stream about here and once you get in there you will have the place to yourself...the best take out point is at the waterfall....Fish Camp Prong goes up the right hand fork and there is some great fishing up trail coming out but there used to be an old railroad bed coming down stream on your right....hiking in to the campsite you will hit an area where the trail narrows and climbs a high bluff above the river...if you hike back to the spot where the trail starts to climb and put in this is a great stretch of flatter water that generally holds some good dry fly water....and unless things have changed drastically there is a great pool just before the island with a deep run next to the of my grandfather's favorite pools...I am a dry fly fanatic and have fished this area with only dries....EHC are my go to fly...a royal wulff or trude will also work...parachute adams is another go to and a standard....let us know how you do.
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