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I'm fired up. I'll be deer hunting in Kentucky opening weekend. I'll be using open sights which limits my shots but I don't mind, that's what I like. I guess I'll be using a 30/30 or a 45/70. Then after that it's two weekends of bear and boar hunting in the Cherokee National Forest. I love listening to the plot hounds, camping with the guys and listening to the handlers on the radio. I have not scored a kill yet. Went twice last year. Someone in our group usually gets a boar or bear. It's exciting to think a dangerous animal might come running toward you 50 feet away and I have to react fast.

I heard the fall turkey season is statewide this year. I have not looked that up yet so don't take my word on it. I think you can also harvest a hen. Around our house there are tons of hens this year, probably too many hens.

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