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I'm usually a mess by this time every summer. My wife is so tired of hearing about what I'm going to kill, she's praying for hunting season to hurry up and get here. I'll start this weekend by squirrel hunting during my free time from Saturday 8/28 until 9/17. Here's the rest of my schedule for the year.

9/18-9/21 bowhunt hogs, S. Cherokee
9/25-9/26, 10/2-10/3, 10/9-10/10 bowhunt bears, Blount Co.
10/16-10/20 bowhunt deer, Catoosa
10/23-10/24 bowhunt deer, Oak Ridge
10/29-10/31 muzzleloader hogs, S. Cherokee
11/5-11/14 bowhunt deer, Yankeeland
11/19-11/21 rifle deer, Lawrence Co, this usually turns into a predator hunt
11/26-11/28 rifle hogs, S. Cherokee
12/4-12/5 rifle predator hunt, Lawrence Co.
12/11-12/12 bowhunt deer, Oak Ridge
12/18-12/19 muzzleloader deer, Yankeeland
12/23-12/27 rifle predators, Lawrence Co
12/31-1/2 rifle predators, Blount Co
1/8-1/11 muzzleloader deer, Yankeeland
I'll run up to Yankeeland one more time for a bowhunt before 2/5 if I still have a buck tag and a winter storm is rolling in. I'll also predator hunt through March.
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