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Originally Posted by 2weightfavorite View Post
I too love to grouse hunt, however, since moving here from PA I have seen 5 grouse... 2 of those were in the national park! Where in the world do the grouse live in this state!? I hunted hard up at Royal Blue, havent seen one there yet... I have seen a few in the foothills WMA, which is out towards chilhowie and six mile.. But in the last decade in the foothills I have only seen the three... I even hunted them in the snow last season which up north is an automatic flush or two. I hunted for about 5 hours in the snow and never cut a set of tracks.. I guess this year I will have to head towards Crossville..?? Anyway, Some geneal info on the grouse in this state would be appreciated..
Cherokee NF is a good place to start, try the end towards Newport/Del Rio. I spend most of my time over there, we average moving 5-7 birds per trip. If there is snow on the ground here, stay home. This isn't the north and our birds get unhappy and sneaky quick.

Another area I hear about is around Sneedville, all private land, but knock on some doors, and Big South Fork.

Good luck.
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