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Jim, I just took a look at yor web site and it shows that your venison cook book is out of stock. When do you think you might get somemore of those in. I would like a copy of that, for I'm always trying to find new ways to sneek it in a dish or two so my better half dosnt know. haha. Let me know what it is I need to do to get one.

I saw your comment on the elk heard under the smokie section... i'm hear to tell you my friend as long as I have my guns, I will continue to enjoy one of the greatest past times that the good lord as blesse me with and so will my boys. After all i break the law everyday on the way to work by speeding. And as long as my taxes are paid I will do what I wish with my land and the animals that are on it. Not saying I'm going to kill all and when ever I feel like it by no means. So don't take that the wrong way.
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