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Rodonthefly--Both of the venison cookbooks are out of print and, incredibly, bring prices of up to $200 (these were comb-bound paperbacks which originally sold for under $15). I do still have Wild Bounty in stock. It contains 50+ of our best venison recipes along with chapters on small game, waterfowl, wild turkey, earth's bounty (fruits, nuts, wild veggies), etc.
Obviously you share some of my perspective on current trends as far as attitudes towards hunters are concerned. I've been a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen all my years, and other than two traffic citations spaced about 30 years apart I've never come close to running afoul of the law. However, I WILL hunt on land I own, I WILL stand staunch on my right to own and use guns (and lead ammo), I WILL fish and occasionally eat fish, and I WILL NOT bend to the mindlessness which now seems to possess our country's leaders.
Call me a survivalist or contrarian if you wish, but I think I have adequate connected to the land skills, and certainly an adequate work ethic, to manage. Apparently a lot of folks are thinkng somewhat like us, because my brother and his wife are looking for a place to settle into for their middle and later years in WNC. They now live in Knoxville but their kids are grown and out on their own. The real estate agent with whom they are dealing says she's seeing far more demand for places with some land and some water than ever before--just in case.
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