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Originally Posted by 2weightfavorite View Post
I too love to grouse hunt, however, since moving here from PA I have seen 5 grouse... 2 of those were in the national park! Where in the world do the grouse live in this state!? I hunted hard up at Royal Blue, havent seen one there yet... I have seen a few in the foothills WMA, which is out towards chilhowie and six mile.. But in the last decade in the foothills I have only seen the three... I even hunted them in the snow last season which up north is an automatic flush or two. I hunted for about 5 hours in the snow and never cut a set of tracks.. I guess this year I will have to head towards Crossville..?? Anyway, Some geneal info on the grouse in this state would be appreciated..
Don't know anything about overall population numbers but have seen grouse out in Catoosa...
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