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Mac--That's great, but for those unfamiliar with Hazel Creek, he was at the Calhoun campsite. It's a long haul from anywhere--seven or eight miles from the lake and a mighty walk from the top down (and a booger if you go back out that way). That's likely why you had it to yourself. All the other campsites are far more accessible and thus far more likely to see lots of people. Also, although I thoroughly enjoy the kind of smaller stream fishing you'll find in the proximity of Calhoun, many folks like the bigger water and its potential for really big fish.

Mac is right though, it's far and away your best bet for solitude on Hazel Creek. For example, I was in there in May of 2009 camped at Bone Valley (roughly five miles from the lake). While we had the Bone Valley campsite to ourselves the first night but not afterward, there were scads of people all up and down the creek. I doubt if there was a stretch of a quarter mile anywhere that didn't have a fisherman on it, never mind the fact the creek was way too high. I spent most of my time on Bone Valley Creek, not caring to be swept away in the flood. Had conditions been more salubrious, I think I would have still fished Bone Valley. I just don't like "help" at every bend of the creek.
I would add, in closing, that if you plan to go where Mac was, you better be pretty darn fit or younger than yours truly. I envy guys who think nothing of eight miles with a backpack!

Jim Casada
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