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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Go to edit options in your user cp.

Set your default thread subscription mode to instant email notification or you can set it to the time frame of your choosing.
Trip--This will probably have most everyone on this forum chuckling at my ignorance, but I've never been one scared to say "I don't know." When you mention my edit options in my user cp I don't have a clue as to what you mean. What does cp stand for and where does one find edit options?
Beyond that I have no clue as to what a default thread is. Maybe my daughter can show me the next time she visits, and I guarantee my brother would know.

Me, I suspect I've got about as wide-ranging vocabulary as anyone using the forum, I can type 100+ words a minute on a steady basis, and I would virtually guarantee I've read as much as any of you guys and gals (yeah, yeah, I know I've had a lot more years to do it in). But when it comes to technology, I'm a clueless wonder. To me a blackberry is something used to make cobblers and quite decent wine (I've got some in Mason jars right now), and Facebook is a volume laid open for reading.

Still, you were most gracious to try and help someone who is pretty much technologically helpless. Thanks!

Incidentally, if you wonder how I can be so abysmally ignorant and have a web site, it's simple. I provide the words and a webmaster in Missoula, MT does everything else, including all the postings of my free monthly e-newsletter. Should anyone be interested in getting it, all you have to do is go to the web site and sign up. It'll come automatically from that point on, somewhere around the first of each month (that's some shameless promotion, but mayhap the lovely Ms. Paula will let me slip by, and since it's free I don't think I'm intruding much of anywhere).
Jim Casada
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