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Thank you for posting that.
I lost my father two weeks ago today,it was sudden,he collapsed at home but it was a blessing because he was diagnosed with cancer in June,it was already in stage 4...whatever that is...I'm told that's the final stage I guess.
He was 79...I'm 57...we had never been really close as we are independent people,my sons are the same.
The one thing my dad truly loved was fishing,any kind of fishing....and the last thing he ever showed me how to do was the basics of fly tying....a hobby he loved in his last years.
I was scheduled to be off last week and planned to go to the mountains,I got the call at work the Fri. afternoon before the vacation started,so the weekend was all taken up with what you have to do when this happens,funeral arraingements,visitation etc....we buried him Mon. morning.
So,I went on to Cataloochie to camp and fish last Wed.
I really felt his presence out there in the woods along the creek several times,and felt so much better and peaceful than I have in a long time.
The man you wrote of will be in the hearts and minds of his loved ones and friends as long as they live,and with the added bonus of the video that you helped him put together.
Thank you for realating this.
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