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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post
If I recall t he news story correctly, the man who had to be rescued last year was one of the park's original ridge runners?
NDuncan--Thanks for the link, and I found it quite interesting. Obviously the guy did a number of things right--had food, knew how to get water, did not panic, and once he realized he was in trouble got to a spot and stayed there.

On the other hand, it would appear he did a number of things wrong. There is no mention made of him having key directional and land navigational devices (compass, GPS, or map) or of him having given anyone an exact itinerary. I also question the wisdom of a guy his age going off on a four-day outing on his own, and since I'm close to that age I think I have some perspective in that regard. I wouldn't think of it, although I can and do regularly make one-day trips back of beyond. When I do so I leave precise details of where I'll be. But a guy could break a leg on the first day of a four-day trip and be in far worse trouble than this guy--and at that age, much as I hate to acknowledge it, the chance of falls or missteps are all too real. I stumble in the creek far more than I used to.
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