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Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
Guess I'll probably stick with getting a river kayak in a couple of months. I really just need something to slide in the truck bed for evening trips and rivers, ponds with no boat launches.

There is a nice late 60s/ early 70s alum. v-hull 14ft Alumacraft for sale in Seymour with an older motor 20hp (I think), and trailer but the guy wants $1000 and won't budge on the price. I offered $500 and would have gone to $700 but I guess he thinks its worth the price. it has been for sale for going on 3 months now. corner of 411 and 441 intersection if anyone interested.
I bet the motor value is the hang-up. A good 20hp Johnson is worth $300-500. I would keep looking for one of these boats. They are wonderful for the river if you get a semi-v to flat hull. You really do not need a motor unless you are going to use it during generation. If you do; I would look for a short shank Johnson in the 10hp range.

Flip it upside down and foam the heck out of the seat-cross members. Add a trolling motor in the front with battery cables modified to a nice trolling motor in the back. Perfect balance to run in water less than a foot deep. When you come up on a super low shoal; use the quick release on your trolling motor and slide right over it. I have about 50-60 trips on mine this year and I am always in shallow water. Great boat for taking a buddy to get to remote shoals and to take supplies, lunch, beverages, etc.
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