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Originally Posted by DBKSTONE2 View Post

I know little about boats so I get very nervous when I see a patch that is 2 1/2 feet by 3 feet in the middle of the boat plus fiberglass "strips" going down the bottom outer edges. Also, the boat edge with the oarlock block had been redone. Repairs to the oarlock area make me pause because of the amount of stress that area gets. Take all that in consideration the guy still wanted 3K. I will wait on something better or go out west and pick up a used boat from Hyde that has been reconditioned and has a warranty.

I understand. I had redone the bottom of mine a dozen times, it was rough looking and showed the wear I had put on it. Afterall I rowed it for almost 10 years and put it through punishing stretches of rivers.

I do not like the fact that this boat has had glass work done to the oar lock region. That is very suspect and makes me wonder what happened to cause them to have to repair that area.

I would not buy this boat after learning this latest nugett of info. You can find better boats, maybe more money, but in the long run it would be worth your while.
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