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Rainbow Warrior--The small stream you were fishing is Panther Creek. It is a hatchery supported stream, but like a lot of similar streams in southwestern NC, it contains a good population of wild fish. The dough bellies are usually caught out soon after they are stocked, but the stream-reared trout are far less susceptible to kernels of corn and gobs of red worms. Hence your first-rate experience on Panther Creek.
As for the Tuckasegee, if you can provide a bit more detail about where you put in (above or below Bryson City, nearby bridge?, or other landmarks) I can almost certainly give you the name of the place you launched.
Sounds like a great weekend, and kudos for trying the Nantahala with the water "on." I actually much prefer it then, although most locals don't like to wade it.
Jim Casada
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