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Rainbow Warrior--From what you describe you almost certainly put in just below the mouth of Coopers Creek. Although there's nothing to mark the spot and no reason you would have known, you were within 1oo yards of where Horace Kephart died. The spot on old U. S. 19 used to be known as Dead Man's Curve, thanks to the fact that not only were Kephart and visiting novelist Fiswoode Tarlton killed there; ten years later the tax driver who was driving them back from the bootleggers (and who was drunk, as they were) wrecked and died on the same curve after having visited the same bootlegger.

You took out at Darnell Farms, which is the lower end of what used to be known as the Ferguson Fields. Today most of the large bottom (the largest one anywhere on the Tuckasegee) is owned by the Cherokee tribe. A mile or so from where you took out there's an Indian mound in the field, and they knew the area as Kituwah, the "mother town."

Probably more than you wanted to know, but you were in an area with particularly rich history.

Jim Casada
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