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Thank you for the warm welcome.

MadisonBoats..I too try and surround myself with positive are absolutely correct about the effect it can have on your well being. By the way..I am a member of the TU organization #639 (Sipsey Tailrace), the FFF (Federation of Fly Fishers) and the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). I am also a member of the local fly fishing association (Bay Area Fly Fishers) and the Mobile Bay Kayak Fishers Association. I am a big proponent for conservation, education and participation. Looking forward to meeting you and others to spend some quality time on the water.

Mr. Casada - Glad to hear about the wealth of information readily available on this forum. I have fly fished the smokies but that was before i had a clue what or how to fly fish. It was quit comical to watch....LOL. Over the past year or so i have been spending a lot of time on the small creeks and rivers in my area trying to hone my skills for the tight cover experienced in the Smokies. On my list of things to do while in the Smokies this fall is go by Little River Outfitter. Really looking forward to some quality time on the water this fall. My family and I will be in the Smokies the week before and the week of T'giving.

I hope to meet several members of this forum while in the Smokies....

Always envious of you Smoky Mountain residents,

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