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I almost exclusively have gone in through townsend I really like Little River BBQ (the one mentioned attached to the tubing place) - (let them talk you into one their cobblers, worth it no matter how full you are, IMO)but will probably be shutting down for the season in the next couple of weeks. They are nice people, and semi-regularly take trips down to Texas (where I'm from) to sample various BBQ joints down there which is how they perfected their brisket. I don't think anywhere I have eaten in TN has brisket that is that good (if they even serve it), since pork is the usual BBQ here. If you really like pork BBQ, its good, but not special or out of the ordinary.

Riverstone has great food- really good breakfast.

I have eaten at AJs, esp in the winter, but it is not my favorite. I don't know if they still allow smoking inside, but the last time I ate there i feel like everything kinda had an ashtray like after taste. Other times I have been there and really enjoyed it. The back porch restaurant is OK, but not my favorite for the price.

I know I have eaten at several other Townsend eateries, but can't think of them right now.
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