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Crockett--Yours is a sort of "wide open" question in that you don't establish any parameters on your food expectations--stomach stuffers? price the key factor? quantity? type of attire? As someone who has written a bunch of cookbooks my thoughts obviously go beyond filling my pie hole to other factors.

With that out of the way, I can speak with some authority on Bryson City. If you just want a burger or something similar, Na'Ber's, located on old U. S. 19 about a mile and a half on the road to Cherokee, is in a class by itself (and very reasonable to boot--McDonald's and Burger King aren't in the same league). Pasqualino's, located near the square, has wonderful Italian food at reasonable prices and the quantities are enormous. I'm a pretty decent trencherman and I always need a take-out box. The Cork & Barrel on the square is a new place specializing in crepes, and it's first-class. For breakfast or lunch, Everett Street Diner is hard to beat (they aren't open at night). If you are in a hurry and just want a lot of food for your dollar, the offerings at Ingle's in the hot foods/deli section fit the bill. There are other places as well, but of those i've tried (and that's most of them), the ones mentioned above come out on top.
In Cherokee, the restaurant in the Holday Inn (Chestnut Leaf or something like that) is quite good, and for all-you-can-eat home cooking Granny's Kitchen up the Soco Road is a good choice.
Jim Casada
P. S. Out Nantahala way there's Nantahala Inn and Relia's Garden (or is it Kitchen?).
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