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Jim I was just meaning any place irregardless of price, attire, etc that you like to stop at before or after fishing that is near the park. Trying to add a few more hidden favorites to my list. Maybe you or Fred could include some of these places in your publishings to help others out although restaurants sometimes can be gone before the printing is over I guess.

I have always wanted to stop at Na'bers in Bryson City and now I will do definitely do that next time I am there. In the past I have ate at the Bojangles or Jimmy Mac's and was looking for something different over there. Doesn't seem to be much that is good in Cherokee but I will check out that Granny's Kitchen place. In the past there I just go to the KFC buffet which isn't of the highest order as far as quality ha.

Buckeyetrouter I have been in that 66 station many times and never noticed they had food there. I will add that roast beef with swiss to my list for sure.
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