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We watched it, and here are my thoughts:

Overall, it was fairly accurate as far as the environment and conditions, although they didn't stress the weather changes nearly enough - and pretty much went a little over the top on the "scary bears" segments. When you've been doing shows from rainforests, jungles, and deserts, the Blue Ridge should be a walk in the park.

Announcing your approach toward anyone's home out in the country is a good idea, even today....that goes for other rural places, not just the areas around the park. I'd never approach a cabin back in the woods in GA without first letting anyone that might be inside it know I was coming. Not surprisingly, this is also a common practice among many primitive people the world over.

Other than being afraid that a bear would crawl up into the tent with them(the wife is always a bit over-dramatic), or a snake attacking....I'd say they only got one thing wrong.

Unfortunately it's a big one, and I was really disappointed that this survival specialist from KY didn't get it right...

No stream, no spring, no creek - no matter how "high" you are - is guaranteed safe to drink from without first treating or boiling the water. I just couldn't help thinking that he just told millions of people that if they were "high enough" up in the mountains, they could drink the water safely without taking the proper precautions. But, what's done is done. There are folks on this forum who claim to drink straight from the streams and if you're up to the risk that's your business. But I've seen folks from other parts of the country taking handfuls of water from streams surrounded by all kinds of animal sign, including raccoon, bear and even hogs.

As for the show in general, at first I didn't think I'd be able to take the wife's whining and complaining.....and the rather dishonest narrative at the end that " she's so brave" or "doing so well" or whatever. However, lately as the episodes have rolled on, I really think she is getting to be a little more confident and a little less whiney than she was at first. Plus, she's not bad to look at either and kinda funny at times, so it makes her easier to tolerate for me. I wonder if her husband feels that way?

If they'd gotten the water thing right, and the fact that ornery hogs are probably more a threat than bears, it would have been a perfect representation of the dangers of the Southern Blue Ridge. As it was, it was 95% accurate, and sometimes that's good enough I suppose.

PS - even though I've been tramping around in the Blue Ridge for about 20 years along trout streams the "bear corn" was totally new to me! I've never even seen it in the wild...I thought perhaps they'd found some morels...but it turned out to be the "bear corn" stuff. It was very interesting to hear her say it tasted like " sun tan lotion." LOL
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