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Default Site 18 trip with the boys

Took the boys to try out campsite 18. We didnt get started down Bote Mtn Trail until 2:30. We hiked the easy 1.8 miles to arrive at the campsite around 4:30. On the way I tried an educational moment that backfired. I showed the boys what partridgeberries look like and told them they were edible, and so Eli wanted to forage the whole trip down. Maybe it isnt a good idea to tell a 3 yo its ok to eat the redberries in the woods. And a warning to those with kids who like to play with millipedes. I didnt realize the millipedes can spray, but one sprayed something yellow and vile which burned Nolan's eyes and nose, like pepper spray. It took a long time and lots of water in his eyes to calm him down and make the burning stop. After that we were able to finish the hike without any major problems, and arrived at campsite 18. It was a great campsite! Much more scenic than twentymile creek. We were able to snag site A even though we arrived so late, which is definitely the nicest site, quite isolated down a short path, well hidden from view. I know there were others there that evening, but we never saw anyone after we setup camp. After getting things setup, I fished for about 1.5 hours, from 5:30 to 7pm, from just below our campsite, making my way up to the footlog in the middle of camp. Fished a parachute adams with a green weenie dropper, caught 5, 3 keepers, all fish came on the weenie. Tried a parachute ant, and no interest at all.
That night when I cleaned the fish we checked out the stomachs and all three fish were loaded with grasshopper pieces. One of the smaller fish (barely 7 inches) I initialy had thought he had a crawdad in his stomach because of the big pieces of shell I was pulling out, until I pulled out a 3 inch long grasshopper leg. How that tiny fish ate a grasshopper nearly as big as he was I do not know, but maybe we should be fishing some #2 or 1/0 hoppers instead of 8's or 10's.
We slept under the stars in our hammocks, and woke up pretty damp. I guess it had been misting early morning. After coffee and hot chocolate, I went back to fishing for a couple of hours hoping to bring a few fish home. For two hours fishing from 8am to 9am, and 10 to 11am, I caught ZERO. Same green weenies, same para-adams, tried a stimulator after seeing all those half digested hoppers, fishing same runs as before, and then tried different areas than before, and all I got for my efforts was about 20 chubs. I've read alot of reports saying the fishing turned on later in teh day, and I guess that was the case again here (Im sure it wasnt the anglers fault at all!) We had our traditional lunch of vienna sausages, and started the hike out to the car. We made it in record time for us, 1.8 miles in 1 hour, 45 minutes. Notice that even "the moose" has his own pack now, carrying his own sleeping bag. Definitely a great place to take the kids, and once I get a new reel so that Jack has his own fly rod, I think this will be a good place to take him to fish on his own.

hammocks setup at campsite 18A

Smaller fish were barely 7inches, didnt get a measurement on the bigger, just know he was a keeper!

Boys heading home!
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