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Default I saw the show

It was the third time I have watched it, and it is somewhat entertaining. Survivior man was the first to do a show like this, and is the only one that seems somewhat legit. Others (Now 6 or 7 different shows - must sell well) seem to be more about egos and hype, but they do all end up giving me tidbits of info, that is still more fullfilling than watching HGTV with my wife

On a positive note, I didn't know the "Bear Corn" was edible, so maybe that will help me out one day.

What I'm trying to figure out is where the heck were they? I was guessing maybe the private land above Dunn Ck where it hits the apple orchard, but really have nop idea. I couldn't place it, and other than to guess it was private land adjoining the park. They said they were on the TN side. But also said theis was the area where the unabomber hid out, which was in NC, so I'm not sure if they put this which would be irrevelent to most, but confusing to us few that know better.

And the ones of you who are upset by this program, I hope you didn't confuse reality TV with reality.
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