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I am planning a mid-October back country trip myself. In my planning phase now; figuring out which camp sites to ignore due to horses allowed. Jim made a great point in his book about 1/2 the desirable sites being ruined by 10% of the visitors (bad paraphrasing here). I ruled out 35 (H) sites and have 19 left as possible destinations.

I used the current chart on this page to rule out the undesirables.

I am taking my brother-in-law on his first back country camping trip and will be introducing him to fly fishing while there. From over the years I have accumulated enough spare equipment that he only needs to supply his own clothing. I advised him to bring nylon, wool, polyester, or silk clothing only. I really suffered during a late spring cold spell in damp cotton pants when I first started backpacking and don't want him to have the same experience.

To read up on the streams, if you don't have Jim's book, get it. I have Lawrence and Kirk also, but use them a lot less now. For more information on the trails; if you can find Kenneth Wise's book, it is excellent. Otherwise the "brown book" by the historical society is great to read up on the trails.
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