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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
Rainbow Warrior--Flyman's response pretty well nails it. I would note that I had an exceptional day today using a #14 Thunderhead with a #18 Prince Nymph underneath it. In three hours I caught roughly twenty-five fish, and they were about equally divided between the dry and the nymph. Four of them went better than a foot (none by much, I should add), and incredibly, all were rainbows.
Jim Casada
Jim, that sounds like a great day. Luckily for me i have both of those. I will have to give them a try for sure. I am going to fish panther creek again because i had pretty good results last time I fished it. I was also looking at a topographic map to look for another place to try. I found one small stream that is near where we are staying that me and a buddy will go to. Just one thing to add.When i was up there last time i was told by a few of the locals and one camper said that there were steelhead that stay where panther creek flows into lake fontana. Could this be true? Or would it be lake run rainbows. The camper said he caught one last year around 6-7 lbs. He showed me a picture on his phone for proof, so I am a believer. So could they really be steelhead or are they most likely mammoth lake run rainbows?
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