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Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
Finally found me a good deal on a fishing boat. Gonna be a fun project over the winter. Thinking maybe installing a casting deck across the front two bench seats and painting the entire boat. The drive on trailer will need new tires and wheel bearings and possibly new lights.
picked it up last evening from a buddy. 1967 Starcraft 14ft v-hull with a trolling motor. wonder how it will row? Will eventually get a 15-20hp motor but a 55lb thrust trolling motor will have to suffice for now.

the wood bench seats are solid, just need a good cleaning, sanding and paint

Madison boats, what kind of paint do you recommend? rustoleum?
Man, that will be a great boat for you. I will get you together a list of ideas and things I have addressed and used to help you fix this boat up for the river. One thing; these boats are not good rowing boats like a drift boat and you will have to spend some money on specialty oars. The Wally store oars will not work. Buy a good trolling motor and deep cycle battery. The trick will be in weighting the boat for balance. I doubt adding a platform in the front will work for you; unless you can fabricate it out of aluminum or something small; then, you will need to offset the weight in the back if you are standing there alone. These boats are great for the river and will get you to the spots; but, it is usually only best to fly fish one person from the boat unless you have someone that can control their casts. Works great to get to shoals and anchor and wade too. I will give you a good list on how to fix this boat up.

An $8 quart of Rustoleum works great; now - you cannot leave these boats in the water for more than a day or two; the paint will get penetrated and start flaking off-(if you leave it tied up to a dock or in a pond). I sanded all the old paint off my boat. Took fiberglass resin and painted all the seams (boat upside down), bondoed the dents. Sanded smooth, you can using an etching agent if you want; I just used Windex (2-3 bottles) and prepped it before priming. Use Rustoleum primer too. I had to cut my paint about 60-40 and ran about 3-4 coats.

I will add more info.... later... focus on keeping the boat balanced and light in your planning...
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