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Originally Posted by kentuckytroutbum View Post

You're right in that we can quietly take photos, descriptions, license plates, etc. and turn that over to the enforcement agencies.

Posting on this Forum is a great idea, maybe we can all watch out for these people, and help the rangers build a iron clad case.
I agree with you, Bill. Honest, law-abiding citizens need to be involved in protecting OUR resources just as much as anyone when the opportunity presents itself. Your (and others) post above is great, but not often the case in real life.
I wear a badge and firearm for a living. I've had numerous honest citizens report illegal activities that they have witnessed, which was fantastic. Then when law enforcement acts upon this witnessed information, if an arrest/charge is made and the case goes to court, the defendant, by law, has the right to cross examine any witnesses against him/her. Suddenly, many of those who witnessed and reported the crime(s) suddenly dont want to "get involved" and go to court to testify. Photographs, license plates numbers recorded, etc, etc, are great but in court, the witness who took those photo's and/or other info is often required to be present if the defendant requests a trial. Without the witness and author of the info, these type cases are often dismissed. Often, the reporter of info means well, but obviously their convictions of helping protect our resources/properties, etc, are not as strong as they wanted to believe they were. Just being honest. The Rangers within our Parks cannot be everywhere and often depend on honest citizens to give valuable info to help concentrate their efforts in areas that need a watchful eye the most. If law-abiding sportsmen feel the conviction to take photo's, license plates, etc and report poaching to the Rangers, be prepared to follow the incident all the way through to the end!
I'm sure most honest sportsmen like you guys will follow through and aide the Rangers in the Park (or any law enforcement officer) to the best of your abilities. I dont mean to imply otherwise, but there are indeed plenty of other folks who just dont want the hassle of seeing a poacher prosecuted all the way to a conviction in court.
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