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Nice boat and has a lot of promise for a project.


You need to get off your butt and make us a drift boat. For those of us who are not boat craftsmen we need a local source for drifters. I know the market is small but think of the potential considering the lack of manufacturers east of the Mississippi. We need a low profile boat with quality casting braces. I also think a wider bottom say 60" would also provide some stability. I also like the kevlar bottoms that they are putting on some of the newer boats (Pavati). A boat around here with that type bottom would last several generations. I know its more expensive and it would have to be an option. I even like the diamond plated sides that you are seeing. I know it is WAY over kill for here but you have got to go to Willie boats home page and look at the one they have for sale. IT is orange and it is SWEEEETTT! I bet you could sell the crap out of that color here in VOL Country. All it needs is a power T.

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