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Thanks for your "dose of reality." I know that to be true. I shot USPSA/IPSC matches for over 12 years, and was on the board of the club. A significant number of our members were police officers from the local level all the way up to federal Secret Service agents. After a match, we would go to a restaurant for food & drinks, and I would listen to the police officers talk "shop." They would do all of this hard work to bring the perpetrators to justice, only to have the witness not show up, or end up with a very lenient jury and/or judge. Its got to be frustrating!

If I'm out fishing or hunting, I make it a point to go up and talk to the game wardens, or rangers. I always thank them for being out there checking licenses, creel limits, or game bags. Letting them know that they are appreciated goes along way with them. Alot of times, they have given me some good tips on where to go to chase my game or fish.

Back to your original point, Citizen Apathy is a big part of the problem. If more people were willing to get involved, hopefully there would be less problems such as you face. Perhaps we, as citizens, need to draw a "line in the sand," and say enough is enough. Reporting poachers is one way to do that. IMHO.


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