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thanks for the ideas. I've been looking at a lot of the mods on v-hulls over on

Shawn, if you have not found this forum yet, you should join.

Those guys definitely have some fabrication skills. I'm more of a rig it and fish it guy.
I have already started on the trailer. ordered new galv. wheels and tire combo from northern tool. bought wheel bearing kits, new trailer safety chains and a set of sub. LED trailer lights. I will be replacing the bunks and carpet , sanding, and painting the frame. The boat is fishable as is for now and I will probably start on it once the fall smallie bite is over. I'm not going to be as extensive as some of the mods on tinboats, but plan on removing one of the bench seats and putting in a flat floor. I'm not going to build up a casting deck so as to keep the center of grav. low. just want a flat open area for casting.
Shawn, I may be emailing you with some questions on the use of fiberglass resins.
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