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Default Recommendation needed

Try not to make too much fun of me here. I'm taking a backcountry trip in Oct. with some friends. Our plans are to go to Sawdust pile as 83 and 84 are closed. Some of the guys I am going with are not in good shape and have carts as opposed to strapping on a pack and walking (bad back, strained uterus, etc.). My question is: if for some reason Sawdust pile gets closed between now and then, what are some other possible sites that a person with a cart could get to on the NC side? I've looked at the fish camp spreadsheet and so I have an idea of elevation etc., but I don't have experience with the other creeks so don't know about the trails (i.e., is it wide enough, too rocky etc.) for Eagle, Forney, Noland etc. Thx in advance.
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